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Terms & Conditions

Site Terms and Conditions


  1. Who are we?
    The Shackphonics website is part of a group called 'The Shack Group', The Group is made of four different businesses running as affiliation on each. Shackphonics is affiliated to Amazon Marketplace. We have selected the best and products in the Hydroponics Categories and placed them easy to find on our site.
  2. Products on our site. 
    All products on our site are sold through Amazon, We do not have access to the items or hold the items. The items are shipped directly from Amazon to the customer. All our products are carefully chosen and are linked to the Amazon Site.
  3. Payments.
    All Payments for the products are held by Amazon, We are affiliated by Links only and do not store any data that you use, This includes, Name, Address, Banking Details, Account Numbers and E-mail Addresses.
  4. Links
    All our products use affiliated links, For full terms on the items details and delivery details please check upon processing your order through Amazon.
  5. Website Data.
    Our website has been designed so you don't have to enter any of your personal information, Nothing is stored on Shackphonics.com or the group we are involved with. Once the customer has clicked on a link from our site, We are detached from the rest of the process.
  6. Support.
    We offer support to the customer in the way that we can contact the seller on the customers behalf if an error ever occurred. We carefully monitor our links and products giving the customer a smooth process. You can get in touch with us by contacting our email address support@shackphonics.com.

This website is owned and operated by SHACK GROUP MEDIA LTD, Company number, 12980314 , registered office 39 Rochford Road, St. Osyth, Clacton-On-Sea, England, CO16 8PH