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About Shackphonics

We are suppliers of everything in the world of Hydroponics, We aim to provide all our customers with the highest quality items along with a wide range of equipment and products.
Started up early 2020, We have been exploring the market and building our knowledge on hydroponics in order to provide you with the most reasonable prices and top quality items.
We are an online store currently and are affiliated currently with Amazon. All our products are based on Amazon Marketplace and brought through by us, In doing this we have hand picked the most ‘Value for Money’ Items and saved you from searching through thousands of products.
Take a look around the store and have a read of what we know about Hydroponics.
“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” The main reason of sourcing out the perfect items for you at best prices!

What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is the process of growing plants inside, And instead of using soil or dirt like you would outside, You grow the plants using water! Yep That’s right.. Water!
Hydroponics uses water, a growing agent and nutrient solution.
The control of growth then by the farmer or gardener can be controlled with the ingredients water, nutrients, and light sources. 
The Hydroponics process works so well as you are feeding your crop when, what and how they require to be fed, Delivering the nutrients at the right time, giving the correct light source and having the right temperature can give you the best plants around!

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Why Choose Shackphonics?

You should choose us because Shackphonics have gone through the process of sourcing the finest quality products at the best rates possible and display what we can on our online only store, Not only do we know that everything comes from a hygienically cleaned base where they are produced but we can also get items delivered to you as little as the next day! 
We have hand selected items that will help all kinds of crop growers from basic items to the high end items where precision is key. We also offer a police that our affiliated company can’t and that’s full telephone support on all our products sold!
now if that’s not enough to persuade you that we are the hyrdoponics shop for you, take a browse through our store and see exactly what we call quality and don’t forget to check out them prices. 
And Finally.. One last quest in gaining your trust is that we don’t hold none of your contact details, credit card or e-wallet details and left that in the hands of the world wide marketplace AMAZON. Simply click on a product in our store and it will re-direct you straight to Amazon where you know everything is safe.

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